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Customize sidebar

This is a guide for you to have a simple sidebar on the left of your store. No coding knowledge needed. Simply follow the steps below to add the sidebar to your EasyStore.

1. Go to EasyStore Control Panel > Themes > ... > Edit HTML/CSS > theme.liquid

2. Look for <main class="wrapper main-content" role="main">  (Around row 140 - 160)  

3. Paste code below after <div class="grid"> 

{% if template != 'product' %}
       <div class="grid__item medium-down--hide large--one-fifth">
         <hr class="hr--small hr--clear">
         <font size="5"> <hr><b>Category<br></b></font>
  {% for link in contents.catalog.links %}
         <a href="{{link.url}}">{{link.title}}</a><br>
  {% endfor %}
      {% endif %}

4. Look for <div class="grid__item"> which is only one row below

5. Delete it and replace with <div class="grid__item{% if template != 'product' %} large--four-fifths{% endif %}">

6. Save

Tips: Hide the sidebar from Homepage (only show in product pages)

Look for {% if template != 'product' %} > Replace with {% if template == 'collection' %}

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