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Add MPay payment gateway

In this article

a. About MPay

b. MPay +Pro account application 🎁

c. Integrate MPay account with EasyStore

About MPay

ManagePay Systems Berhad (“MPay”) is a provider of end-to-end electronic payment (“e-Payment”) solutions for banks and financial institutions, merchants and card issuers with operations in Malaysia. For more information, kindly visit MPay website or contact them at enquiry@managepay.com 

MPay +Pro account application 🎁

Transaction fees

Local cards (issued by Malaysian bank)
Foreign cards
a. MPay Terminal Deposit (Refundable) 
 RM 200.00
b. Device Rental Fee
RM 318.00
c. Delivery charges
RM 15.90
d. Discounted fee for 2nd year subscription
 RM 265.00/year


RM 799 for 2 years (WAIVED)

Subsequent years annual fee (3rd year)
 RM 318.00

Who can subscribe?

1. The complimentary MPay +Pro account is only exclusive for EasyStore’s Premium Plan subscribers who subscribed after 14th Feb 2017. Subscribe EasyStore Premium Plan.

2. After subscribing through the specific link provided, you will receive the application form through email.

Important notes:

  1. Application for Mpay +Pro account is subject to approval as determined by the bank and payment gateway services provider (Mpay +Pro), you will not get the refund from EasyStore if your Mpay +Pro account application is disapproved.

  2. MPay Terminal Deposit to be refunded shall be less any monies owing by you to us under the programme.

  3. Please contact enquiry@managepay.com or 1-700-81-6729 if you have any questions regarding of Mpay +Pro.

  4. Activation of the device only through offline (guide will be provided by MPay), you do not need to activate it on your EasyStore. 

Integrate MPay account with EasyStore 

Tips: This is for MPay online payment account integration. If you're MPay+ Pro account user, you may skip this.

1. EasyStore Control Panel > Settings > Payments > Add payment method

2. Select MPay

3. Insert your Merchant ID & Hash Key > Activate

Tips: You can amend the Display name, Transaction charges (to customers)

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