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Migration to Version 2.0

In this article 

a. About Version 2.0

b. FAQ

About Version 2.0

EasyStore Version 2.0 is a brand new platform with a totally different structure comparing to the old version. In this new version, we have ensured the stability of the platform, functionality of the features & apps, user-friendliness to manage and customizability to design the store. 

Log in EasyStore 1.0 : http://cp.easystore.my/

Log in EasyStore 2.0 (new) : https://cp.easystore.co/


1. What about my current domain?

In the new EasyStore, a complimentary domain name is no longer provided. If your domain is hosted by EasyStore, your domain service will be available until the domain expiry date. You can still remain the same domain name, however, you will need to pay for your domain next renewal fee. 

Check expiry date:

.com.my & .my: http://whois.mynic.my/

.com & .net: https://who.is/whois

For .com & .net domain owner, you can still renew the domain with EasyStore, ask us how! 

For .com.my & .my domain owner, we would advise you transferring your domain to a new service provider (Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd) as we no longer provide .com.my & .my domain extension service. 

2. What about my email hosting?

Email hosting service is not provided. This is applicable to users who using EasyStore's email hosting service (Ask us if you're unsure). You can backup your current emails with the guide we provided. For future email hosting, you need to get a new email hosting from a new service provider (We recommend Google , Exabytes). 

3. Will it affect my current store?

No, the migration will clone another store in the new version with a temporary URL for you. You can request us to connect the domain with your new EasyStore at support@easystore.co once you confirmed to use the new EasyStore. 

4. How do I know if the migration is done?

You will receive a notification email within 1 day. The email will provide you the temporary login details. 

5. Why is the new store URL not my domain?

We will only connect the domain name with your new EasyStore when you confirmed and agreed to use EasyStore 2.0. Just reply the email and tell us you confirm to use the new EasyStore.

6. What will be migrated?

The migration will migrate your products, images, customer information, shipping method, payment method, content page and general settings.

7. What do I need to set up in the new version?

a. Discount - If you have added any discount coupon or sales promo (previously known as Timer discount), you will need to add it in Discounts page

b. Theme - We will pick the default theme for you. You can pick your preferred theme and apply to your store. You can customize it after applying the theme. 

c. Navigator menu - You might need to rearrange your navigator menu in Content page. 

d. Marketplace listing - You will need to choose the products to be sync to the marketplace.

8. Do I need to pay for the migration?

No, it's a complimentary service for you.

9. What's new in EasyStore 2.0?

We have more to share, but here are some of them:

a. 28 pre-designed themes

b. Multiple languages of control panel

c. POS system 

d. Oversea payment gateway

e. Bulk actions to manage products (delete, publish/unpublish, categorize)

f. Flexible discount coupon 

g. Order management (Edit & manually add order)

h. Customizable email template 

i. Reward customers with credits

10. Can I revert back to EasyStore 1.0 (old version) after the migration?

If the domain is connected with the new EasyStore, it's unable to revert back to the old version. Kindly take note that the old version will be cut-off on 1 March 2017 sharply.

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