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Facebook Promoter

In this article


a. About Facebook Promoter 

b. Install Facebook Promoter 

About Facebook Promoter


Facebook Promoter allows you to manage your Facebook page comments efficiently by auto responding to your potential customers. It's not only the word "PM", but you may also set other words, eg. "price", "how much", etc. The system will be able to detect the keywords and do the job for you. 

What you can do with Facebook Promoter:

a. Auto-replying the comment under your Facebook Page post

b. Auto sending a Facebook message to the person who left the comment

Install Facebook Promoter 

1. EasyStore Control Panel > Apps > Browse all apps  > Facebook Promoter 

2. Install this app 

3. Connect with Facebook > Select and link to your Facebook Page. 

4. Set your Post Caption, keywords, auto-reply & auto-message

4.1 Post Caption

It's the default format how your post caption will look like.

Tips: May leave it as default

You may add your own words (only words allowed) :


{name} - {currency}{price}
Free shipping for all orders

4.2 Keywords

It allows the system to detect the keywords in the comment and auto-reply with the message you set.

Important note

Separate the keywords by comma

4.3 Reply comment & Private message

Set your auto-reply message 

4.4 Save changes

5. Back to Product > Click on Listed on icon > Click on the Publish button of Facebook Promoter

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