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Integrate MailerLite Popup Form

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a. About MailerLite Popup Form 

b. Integrate MailerLite Popup Form 

About MailerLite Popup Form 

MailerLite Popup Form is customizable to match your brand needs. Using the simple to use editor you can change anything from backgrounds to different theme settings. 

Integrate MailerLite Popup Form

1. EasyStore Control Panel > Apps > Browse all apps  >  MailerLite Popup Form 

2. Install this app 

3. Now sign up an account with MailerLite. 

4. Complete the steps & get your account approved


5. Go to Webforms  > Add new Webform > Add new group

6. Choose & customize your popup Webform

Notes : 

 You can design your popup subscriber by inserting words, selecting color that you prefer. 

7. Setting for Mode , Frequency , Visibility >  Save and continue 

8. Copy  JavaScript snippet > Back to your EasyStore MailerLite Popup subscribe form > Paste the code

10 . Save

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