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Transfer & point domain name to EasyStore

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a. Transferring or pointing domain name to EasyStore

b. Transfer domain name to EasyStore

 Transferring or pointing domain name to EasyStore


It means you change your domain registrar to EasyStore and EasyStore will become your domain host. By this, your domain renewal is pay to EasyStore. You can manage your DNS records by yourself. 

If you have forgotten your domain login, you can request your domain name login details from us at support@easystore.co.


The domain registrar remains as your current one. You are only connecting your domain name to your EasyStore via pointing. Domain renewals, billing inquiries, DNS records are done through your current domain host but not through EasyStore.

Transfer domain name to EasyStore

Important note

a. Make sure your domain is unlocked.

b. Make sure your domain privacy settings is set to public at your host.

c. Make sure the email address used for the domain admin/registrant is your own email address (You may request your current service provider to change it). A verification email will be sent to you in order to proceed the transfer. 

d. Make sure your domain is registered more than 60 days.

e. You can only transfer domains with the following extensions: .com, .net, .biz, .info, .me, .be, .it, .asia, .name, .click, .space, .club, .top,  .link, .one, .work, .xyz, .kim, .pet, .pro, .gift, .sexy, .run, .supply, .today, .family, .live, .studio, .trade, .online, .boutique, .camera, .care.

Send us an email at support@easystore.co and provide us your details below.



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