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List on Shopbot Shopping Platform

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a. About Shopbot

b. Integrate Shopbot

c. View products in Shopbot

About Shopbot

Everyday Shopbot helps millions of shoppers on the web to research, compare prices and buy online in a matter of clicks. Whether it’s the latest Adidas’s Stan Smith sneakers or the latest Samsung Galaxy, you will find it on Shopbot. Shopbot’s shopping platform proudly brings together more than 50 million online shoppers to over 15 million online products across the globe.

Integrate Shopbot

1. Sign up with Shopbot, you will receive an email within 1-2 days from Shopbot.

2. Log in your Shopbot panel

3. Account > Technical details

4. Copy your shop ID 

5. Log in EasyStore Control Panel  > Apps > Browse all apps > Shopbot > Install

6. Paste your shop ID > Save changes

7.1 Sync a new product

Go to Products > Add a new product > Save > Sync your products to Shopbot

7.2 Sync an existing product

Go to Products > Click + > Publish (Refer to GIF image below)

Important note
Sync in bulk is not allowed at this moment.

View products in Shopbot

Once the product is successfully listed on Shopbot, you will receive an email with a link that shows all the products you published in Shopbot.

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