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Add COD as shipping method


If you have added the zone, you may skip the steps to 3. 

1. EasyStore Control Panel > Settings > Shipping> Add zone

2. Choose a name for the zone > Add country > Choose the states > Save zone

2.1 If you have a different rate for different states/areas, you can set different shipping method  (Optional).

 e.x. Shipping method for East Msia & West Msia

 Zone: West Msia 

 Country : Malaysia

 States : Remove Sabah & Sarawak

3. Insert Cash On Delivery as the Courier name> Choose the calculation method (any method will do) > Enter the rate (It can be $0) > Save shipping

Must know:

Payment method needs to be added. 

Settings > Payments > Add payment > Bank Transfer

Amend your instruction for COD customer (Refer to GIF image below).

Display at the checkout page for your customers. 

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