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Separate collection name on navigation menu

In this article

a. How this function benefits you?

b. Steps to separate collection name

How this function benefits you?

It detects the collection name and direct your customers to the collection product page. It helps to separate your collections (categories) on the top of navigator. If you have sub-collection(sub-category), it will show below the main collection as well. 

Steps to separate collection name

Important note:

a. Make sure you have created the Collection (Products > Collection management > Add collection).

b. Make sure you have categorized the product to your collection (Refer to GIF file below)

1. EasyStore Control Panel > Content > Add link

2. Insert your main collection (category) name (the name has to be the same as your collection name)

3. Insert the URL of the collection  > Save link


a. Refer to GIF file below on how to get your collection link.

b. Sub-collection will show automatically under main collection. 

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