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Add customer(s)

In this article 

a. Add customer

b. Import customer

Add customer

1. EasyStore Control Panel > Customers 

2. Click Add customer .

3. Fill in applicable fields.

4. Categorize the customer into a group (Optional).

5. Check the applicable check boxes.

Customer accepts marketing : This customer has agreed to receive marketing emails or newsletters.

Customer is verified: This customer is verified and no verification email needs to be sent. 

6. Fill in the address. 

7. Save customer.

Import customer 

1. EasyStore Control Panel > Customers 

2. Click Import customer.

3. Download the CSV template (for Opensource users) OR Excel template (for Excel users).


4. Fill in applicable fields.

TRUE - Means yes

FALSE - Means no

Avatar_Image_Src - Customer's photo (Optional)

5. Choose file > Upload file > Done

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