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Add Maybank2u Pay

In this article

a. About Maybank2u Pay

b. Maybank2u Pay code application

c. Integrate Maybank2u Pay


About Maybank2u Pay

It is a payment facility designed for small or home businesses conducting online transactions. This allows blog owners the opportunity to manage sales transactions systematically and professionally. Your customers can now "click2pay", by clicking on the Maybank2u Pay icon on your online blog shop. 

General Terms & Conditions for registration 

- Must be registered Maybank2u users 

- Only allowed for Individual & Proprietary Customers 

- Customers can only register for one account 

- Credit Card Holders without Current or Savings Account are not allowed to apply 

- All Maybank Staff are not allowed to apply

(Source: Maybank2u.com.my)

Maybank2u Pay code application

1. Log into your Maybank account > Click “Maybank2u Pay in the home page”.  

2. Click “Apply for Maybank2u Pay”.

3. Read the Terms & Conditions > Tick to agree > Click “Continue”

4. Fill in required details> Click “Continue”

5. Click "Request a TAC number" > Key in the TAC number > Click “Confirm”

6. You will be directed to the Step 4 of 4 page which show “Status: Successful”.

Note: Wait for the update of your application through email. 

For more on Maybank2u Pay, kindly visit Maybank website.

Integrate Maybank2 Pay

1.  EasyStore Control Panel > Settings > Payments > Add payment method 

2. Select Maybank2u > Paste the Paycode you received from Maybank > Activate


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